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This online course that is great for anyone who is looking to get into the wig making industry as this course will teach you the skill of knotting/ventilating. The course covers the fundamentals of wig making which are: ​ Introduction to wig making and how to utilise this course, tools and equipment, correct set up, all about lace, single knotting, double knotting, whip stitching, flat seam, folded seam ​ and recap on what has been. The next step is creating bespoke wig foundations. The course covers the fundamentals of foundation construction which are introduction to foundation construction and how to utilise this course tools and equipment, lace choice, creating a head wrap and head mould, wig block set up, head mould positioning and padding out the mould marking the mould for construction, off the face foundation, centre parting foundation, side parting foundation, flat seam, folded seam, recap on what has been learnt and what is the next step

Course Only

Course and Kit UK

Kit Needed

  • Wig block - Size 56cm or 58cm

  • Cradle

  • Drawing mate

  • Knotting/ventilating hook size 4 and 10

  • Knotting/ventilating hook holder

  • 25g Human Hair

  • Transparent Nylon Thread

  • Cotton thread 

  • Wig pins

  • Scissors

  • Sewing Needles

  • Measuring Tape

  • 1/2 meter 40 or 60 denier lace

  • 1 1/2 meter back lace for foundation construction